How do I compose, edit and print a case letter?

In Services, you are able to write letters to any contacts associated with that case.

To compose a letter and print on office letterhead:

  1. Click Services.
  2. Select the Case ID of the case you would like to write a letter, Case Details opens.

  1. Click the Print tab.
  2. From To, select a contact.
  3. Search Letters to select a letter template (Form letter) to use as base or leave Letters blank to compose letter from scratch (Quick letter).  
  4. If applicable, click Settings link to display additional fields including Fill-In fields.
  5. Verify the correct Primary and Related contact's information is displaying.  This information may automatically merge into your letter.
  6. Enter Fill-In Field text or select choice. Skip step if no Fill-Ins display.
  7. To print letter with your own Footer (not Member's), select Footer. Please note that your personalized footer must be setup in advance by our support team. To send email out using the default Member's Footer, skip this step.
  8. Click the Compose button to type letter text.

9. The HTML Editor opens, enter and/or edit letter text. Note the date, contact's address, salutation and signature block automatically displays. Place cursor in the body (below the header but above the footer) and enter new text.  If copying or pasting from another application such as Microsoft Word, ensure proper formatting by using the Paste As Plain Text or Paste From Word toolbar buttons in the editor.

10. Click Save if you are not yet ready to print,

11. Or click Print if you are ready to print the final letter,

12. Or click Cancel to exit without saving.


Editing Letters that have never been Printed:

1. From Case Details, select the letter thread you wish to edit.

2. The HTML Editor opens and displays letter.

3. Click Edit link.  Please note that once a letter has been printed it cannot be edited.  Use the Download link to download a copy, edit and print.

4. Make edits.

5. Click Save.

6. Click Print.


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