How can we get up and running with the CRM and eNewsletter?

Welcome to the CRM/CSS! 

If you have selected to use the CRM and eNewsletter services, your constituent management system, the CRM, will be available for use your first day in office. There are some items outlined below that we can begin collecting from your team in order to prepare for a successful first week.

As you collect these items, please email the information to We're happy to set up a call with you to go over the information as well. We'll also have on-site support staff visiting offices who can answer questions for your team. 

Please provide the following information:

  • Primary point of contact for configuration decisions for CRM
    • Legislative Director, Legislative Correspondent, Casework Director, etc.
  • The member’s signature on white cardstock. This will be used for an automatic signature on outgoing e-mails and letters. We can pick this up from your office, or you can send a scanned signature as an attachment via email.
  • A list of all available staff with their office location, names and titles (we can begin creating CRM accounts for users who are not coming from another member office)
  • Point(s) of contact for your district offices
  • A list of your office locations, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Will you be inheriting digital data from the previous member?
    • If so, we need a (copy) letter of intent from the previous member for the data to be inherited. We may already have this letter on file if the outgoing member used the CRM. We will also need written authorization from your team in order for us to upload the data to your system.
  • Name and contact information for mail sorter and/or Legislative Correspondent
    • Will s/he be available for training during the first week of January?
  • Name and contact information for primary point of contact for configuration decisions for the Gateway eNewsletter
    • Communications Director, Press Secretary, etc.


Below are introductory materials to get your team started with the CRM. We look forward to working with you in the 115th Congress!

Resources for your team

Contact us

  • Email Support:
  • Phone Support: 202-355-9339
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