What is Communicating with Congress (CWC)?

CWC, or Communicating with Congress is an import channel that allows you to distinguish advocacy campaign mail from other emails in the Inbox. 

HOUSE ONLY NOTE: The CWC program is currently only available in the House of Representatives.

Advocacy campaign mail will continue to come into the Inbox with other email, but you will notice a few differences that allow you to quickly identify, organize, and process advocacy campaign mail.

  1. CWC will display in the "In Type" column rather than EML. You can sort or group by in type, or you can create a filtered folder in your inbox for CWC or EML.
  2. The incoming message panel will display additional fields in bold depending upon what information was included in the message. Examples of information you might see include Subject line, Library of Congress Topic, Organization, and Constituent Message.
  3. Interest codes will automatically be assigned to the CWC activities as they come into the Inbox. (See the complete list of interest codes below.)

In addition to these noticeable differences, there is also a difference behind the scenes. Every advocacy campaign vendor, regardless of the message, has a unique Campaign ID. The CRM's duplicate check will run on the Campaign ID for CWC messages rather than the message text itself. The CWC messages coming from the same vendor will be treated as perfect matches if they have the same campaign ID, allowing you to quickly group them together.

See our tutorial video House of Representative's CWC Service for Advocacy Campaign Mail.

      CWC Interest Codes      Descriptions
CWC_AGRI Agriculture and Food
CWC_ANML Animals
CWC_DEF Armed Forces and National Security
CWC_ART Arts, Culture, Religion
CWC_CRIME Crime and Law Enforcement
CWC_ECON Economics and Public Finance
CWC_EDU Education
CWC_EMERG Emergency Management
CWC_ENR Energy
CWC_ENV Environmental Protection
CWC_FAM Families
CWC_FINANCE Finance and Financial Sector
CWC_TRADE Foreign Trade and International Finance
CWC_GOV Government Operations and Politics
CWC_HOUS Housing and Community Development
CWC_IMM Immigration
CWV_INT International Affairs
CWC_LAB Labor and Employment
CWC_NATIVE Native Americans
CWC_LANDS Public Lands and Natural Resources
CWC_SCITECH Science, Technology, Communications
CWC_WEL Social Welfare
CWC_SPORTS Sports and Recreation
CWC_TAX Taxation
CWC_TRA Transportation and Public Works
CWC_WATER Water Resources and Development


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