How do I edit an existing contact's record?

To view and edit a contact's record, click on the contact's name. You will see an overview of the contact's interactions with your office, contact information, and a New button that will allow you to create new records for the contact.


The majority of the screen is the overview of the contact's interaction history with the office. All interactions will be listed with the most recent items appearing at the top. Depending upon the status and type of interaction, you will see shortcuts for working with the records such as "Send Reply," "View Sent," Resolve/Reopen." You can also view the full details of the record by clicking on its ID number.


If you are looking for a particular type of interaction, you can use the tabs across the top to filter through the overview to see the contact's correspondence, casework, flag requests, tour requests, notes, or Constituent Gateway eNewsletter interactions.

If you need to create new records, click the blue New button that appears on the upper right of the contact's record. You can create new correspondence, new casework, a new flag request, a new tour request, or add a note to the contact's record.

On the right side of the record, you will see several panels for contact information. The top panel is organization, so if you need to link this contact to an organization, click Add Organization, and search for the correct organization. To edit existing email, address, or phone information, hover over the item, and click to edit. Add new information by clicking the Add link in the appropriate panel. 

NOTE: Each panel has one item in bold. This is the default. Marking the default email address and mailing address is very important for letter writing. The email address that is marked as the default is the one the program will mail to. The mailing address that is marked as the default is the one that will appear in the header of your letter.

Across the top of the contact's record, you will see the name, primary personal code, activity summary, and household information if the contact is part of a household. To edit information such as gender, SSN, restrictions, and personal codes, click the Edit Contact link. To print an overview of the contact's record, click Snapshot. To run a duplicate or household check, click the More link and select the correct option.



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