How do I start (initiate) a new workflow from Letters?

Workflowing a Form Letter

Form letters are typically workflowed on to another staff member after the letter is drafted for letter approval. Before you can initiate a workflow, you MUST check in the letter.

If you are working on a form letter that needs to be workflowed on to someone else, you will click the Workflow button that appears in the upper right of the edit letter window.

A small window will appear. Every workflow is a specific process in your office, so make sure you select the appropriate one. Type in a comment if necessary, and click Initiate.

The next workflow step will now display in the activity. Click the Save Changes button.

The form letter will always display in your My Letters folder if you are the one who initially created the letter. When the letter is workflowed on to another staff member, it will show that staff member's name in the "Assigned" column.

The assigned staff member will be able to find all of his or her assigned form letters by clicking on the Workflowed folder that appears on the left navigation panel of the Letters module.

The workflow will be complete when the last step is completed.


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