What Analytics are available?

Reports can be found under the Analytics tab.

The left panel displays the four categories of reports - Mail, Casework/Services, System, and Workflow.


  1. To view report, select report category you wish to view.
  2. The specify Report Parameters screen opens.
  3. Complete all required report parameters.
  4. Click the View Report button.


Report Categories

Mail Reports:

  • Activity Detail - specific activities are listed based on the selected parameters
  • Executive Summary - a high level report providing an overview of the week
  • Frequent Writer - lists contacts who have written in a specified number of times
  • Interest Code Usage by Staff - displays staff usage statistics for specified interest codes
  • Mail Aging by Assigned Staff - breaks down pending mail by age for specified staff
  • Mail Code Usage - provides stats on activities based on specified codes (interest code, group code, or letter code)
  • Outstanding Activity Summary - indicates the number of outstanding activities, as well as those assigned group codes and letters, for each staff member
  • Production Stats - displays activity productivity stats for each staff member
  • Sentiment Codes - provides a count of pro/con/undecided sentiments for each code (interest, group, or letter)
  • Top Contacts with Open Activities - lists the contacts who have the highest number of open activities based on a specified number of open activities

Casework Reports:

  • Casework Detail - specific cases are listed based on the selected parameters
  • Casework Production Stats - displays casework productivity stats for each staff member
  • Casework Productivity by Month - provides a breakdown of specified casework productivity by month for the selected year
  • Casework Trends by Week - lists the number of received/resolved cases by week for the specified date range
  • Casework Turnaround Summary - breaks down received, resolved, and outstanding casework by time frame for each staff member
  • Outstanding Casework Detail - outstanding cases are listed based on the selected parameters
  • Outstanding Casework Summary - a count of outstanding cases and/or outstanding case workflows is provided for the specified staff


  • Letters Activity - lists letters that have been created or modified within the specified date range
  • System Table - lists the codes and usage count for the selected system table (casework type (Tag), group codes, interest codes, letter codes, personal codes, staff)


  • Activity Workflow Summary - provides a summary of total workflows and approval/rejection rate for each staff
  • Records with Workflow - lists records with workflow based on the specified parameters
  • Workflow Step Completion - provides workflow counts including total workflows, total of various step types, average days completion, and average days pending.

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