How do I create a Criteria List?

Creating a Criteria List allows you to create a customized, dynamic list based on data that you have uploaded to your account, custom attributes, or even interactions that constituents have had with your mailings. Because Criteria Lists are dynamic, they will automatically update if new contacts are added to the Gateway who meet your criteria.

Log into the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter PLUS.

  1. Select Lists from the Top Navigation Menu.
  2. Click the Create a List button and Hover over the Contacts tab, select Create a List, and then select Criteria List.

Selecting Your Criteria

There are a variety of fields to select from. All of the contact data is at the top while the mailing interactions are at the bottom. Some fields such as the “Zip” field are free type, and others are drop down menus that allow you to select a property.

  1. To find a list of contacts that meet a particular criterion, simply type it in the free field, or select the option from the drop down menu.
    NOTE: Selecting multiple options or typing text into multiple boxes on one screen will create a query that is logical AND, so to pull contacts who are subscribers, older than 30 and female, select “Subscribed” = “Yes,” Gender” = “female,” and also “Age” > “30.”
  2. You can also narrow your search criteria in the “Mail Interactions” and “Form Actions” fields by selecting specific mailings, forms, questions, operators, etc. For example, you could pull a list of contacts that replied to a particular e-newsletter by selecting the correct mailing in the “Mailings” field and selecting “reply” as the “Mail Interaction.”
  3. Click Create List at the bottom of the page. 

Adding or Removing Criteria

You have the ability to add or remove criteria from your search further by selecting Add to list, Refine this list, or Remove from list.

  1. To add additional contacts to your list by adding logical OR criteria, select Add to list. (Instead of narrowing your results by having to meet all of the criteria listed, you will widen your search by only requiring that contacts meet any of the criteria listed.)
  2. To narrow your search by adding additional logical AND criteria, select Refine this list.
  3. To exclude contacts that match a certain value, select Remove from list.

Creating Your List

Once you have selected all the criteria for your list, you are ready to create the list.

  1. Click Save. Type in a descriptive name for your new list and select Save to save your list.
  2. Your list is immediately added to your available lists.

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