How do I create a Blank List?

Creating a Blank Lists allows you to create a new list without any contacts in it. You can associate the Blank List to survey responses so that contacts will automatically be added to the list when they respond. 

Log into the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter PLUS.

  1. Select Lists from the Top Navigation Menu.
  2. Click the Create a List button and Hover over the Contacts tab, select Create Lists, and then select Blank List.

After selecting Blank List, type a name for your list, and click Create List. Your new list will display.

Once your new Blank List is created, you’ll want to add contacts to it. You can send a list of contacts to the support team and request those contacts be added to your new list, you can manually add individual contacts by searching for the contact using Find a Contact, or you can associate the Blank List to survey responses to that as contacts answer the survey, they are automatically added to the Blank List.

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