How do I add or edit group codes?

Group codes can be created in the Group Codes table or on the fly as you need to assign the code to activities.

Creating Group Codes

To add new group codes to the table, click on the ... icon (Show all folders) within the Mail module, and select Group Codes from the drop-down list.


The Group Codes window opens, click the New Group Code button.


The New Group dialog opens, enter the new groups name  in the Code field and a short description in the Description field .

NOTE: It is a good idea to begin the group code with the general interest like this: COMM_Net-Neutrality. This makes finding related codes easy. You can also include stance to gauge constituent opinion on topics like this: ED_Common-Core_CON and ED_Common-Core_PRO.

If you are working on sorting and assigning new activities, sort the activities, and click the Assign button.

Assign the activities as you normally would.

Within the "Activity Assign" window, click on the small magnifying glass icon in the "Group" field.

This will bring up your list of group codes. Search for the group code by code or description first to avoid accidentally creating a duplicate code. 

Click the New Group Code button.

Label the code and give it a description.

NOTE: If you don't see the New Group Code button, then you do not have privileges to create new group codes. Discuss with your office to determine if you need this privilege enabled. Then contact

Editing Group Codes

To edit existing group codes, click on the "Show all folders" icon within the Mail module, and select Group Codes.


Find the desired Group Code in the list, and click on it.

To delete the code, click the checkbox in front of the desired group code. You will see an orange Delete button. Click on it to delete.

NOTE: If the code has been used, you will not be able to delete it to preserve the integrity of the system's records. You can deactivate it so that it no longer displays as an option when assigning codes.

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