How do I create, edit, and apply Personal Codes?

Personal codes are used to tag constituents and to later pull them out of the database for targeted mailings. Personal codes can be whatever values you create but they are often represent something about the contact such as a VIP, government official, frequent writer, community leader, voter, event attendee, etc. You also have the ability to color code them so you can easily recognize key contacts in any viewer.

Adding and Editing Personal Codes

1. From Mail or Contacts, select the ... (Show all folders) icon above the left navigation panel to add/edit.

2. Click Personal Codes from the drop-down list.

3. The Personal Codes window opens. You will see all personal codes listed with their Description, Color, and Status.

4. Use the Filter by: to filter/search your codes by code, description, or color. Codes by default are in alphabetical order

  • Click the Code link, enter desired search term (for example, "BUS" for Business related codes).
  • Click the Find button.
  • The personal code table will filter and display all matches.

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5. To edit a code, click on the code name. You can change the code’s status, color, description, or name.


6. To delete a code, select the code using the checkbox and click the orange Delete button.


NOTE: Only unused personal codes (never been tagged to a contact record) can be deleted.

7. To create a new personal code, click the New Personal Code button.


  • Click in the Code field, enter name of the new personal code.
  • Click in the Description field, enter description of the new personal code.
  • Set an optional Color.
  • Click the Save button.

NOTE: You can also create new personal codes just about any time you are applying a code. You will see the options to either Add code or Search for code when adding a contact or organization. If you need to create a new code, click Search for code, and select the New Personal Code button. 


Applying Personal Codes to Contacts and Organizations

You can apply personal codes to contacts and organizations in a number of areas:

  1. Apply a personal code within the contact or organization record by opening the record, selecting Edit Contact, and then clicking either Add new code if you already know the name, or Search for code to search through the personal codes by name or description.
  2. When importing new contacts or organizations, you will have the opportunity to apply codes to your imported list of contacts. Follow the same steps described above when you see the options to either Add new code or Search for code.
  3. When searching for contacts or organizations in the Contacts module, you can mass assign a personal code to your search results. Click Select All, and then click the Assign button. Type the code name and select the correct code from the list that will appear below. Then click Apply.

Searching by Personal Code

Personal codes are very helpful filters for searching. In addition to using the filter when creating saved searches, you also have a very convenient search option in the Contacts module. You will see "Personal" listed as a filter option at the top of the Contacts module. Click on "Personal" and select the desired code. 

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