Managing the Website Navigation

You learned about using the Weight feature to change the position of a Page in the website navigation dropdown and learned how managing weights can be tricky. You can use a different method to re-arrange the order in which pages appear in your site navigation without manipulating the page’s weight on an individual basis. In the black horizontal menu at the top of the page, hover over “Structure”, then “Menus” and click on “Main Menu”.  You will see the website navigation in a tree structure.

The parent items are the main navigation sections pages (e.g., “About”, “Contact”). The pages that are indented underneath each parent page are part of that section, or are known as the child items. To re-arrange the order of the pages in a section, you can click and drag the crosshair icon next to the page title. Once you are done, you should see a message at the top of the page stating that changes will not be committed until you click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page. Once you are done, click on the “Save” Button. You can also click and drag the parent item pages as well. Be careful. If you put too many items at the parent level, your navigation may be too wide to be accommodated by the width of the browser and your navigation may “spill” out of the area it was designed to fit into.

If you want to add a link to an external website to your website’s main navigation, click on the “Add Link” phrase at the top of the Main Menu listing page.

Enter the name of the link you wish to appear in the menu under “Menu Link Title” and insert the full external URL into the “Path” field. Click on the dropdown for the “Parent Link” field and select the section the link should be a part of. This is similar to the menu setting for a Page. Once you are done, click on the “Save” button.

For most other instances, for example when you create a new page in the content manager, you will not need to come to the Main Menu listing page to add it. You would make a selection in the “Menu Settings” area of the page itself which will add the link to the website navigation. When making a new Page, make it a habit to always update the “Menu Settings” at the bottom of the Page and you may never have to come to the “Main Menu” listing page.

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