Viewing the List of Pages in the Content Manager

You are able to view a list of pages (and other types of content) in the content manager. In the black horizontal navigation bar, click on “Content”.

You will see the list of pages with the following columns: “Title”, “Type”, “Author”, “Published”, and “Updated”. By default the list is sorted in order of most recently “Updated”, which is the date that shows when a page was created or edited. For example, if you just created a new page, it should appear near or at the top of the list. You can sort the list by any of the column names by clicking on the title name of the column. For example, to sort the list by Title, you can click on “Title” and the list should sort alphabetically by the page titles in ascending order. To sort in descending order, click on “Title” a second time. This will show all content items on your website. You can use the Content Filter to customize and shorten the results of this list.



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