Multi-Item Carousel Homepage Feature

You have various homepage features that you can control on the website. The following are instructions for manipulating the Multi-Item Carousel homepage feature.

The Homepage Multi-Item Carousel features a series of thumbnails and links to pages showcased as a group of slides that you can scroll through. This is often used to highlight Issues pages, but any pages can be added to the carousel. To add a page as a slide in the carousel, hover over “Content” in the black navigation bar and click on “Carousels”. 

You will see a list containing the names of the carousels on your website. Look for the name of the carousel. By default it should be called “Home Page Multi Item Carousel”, but some design themes may refer to it as the “Hot Topics Carousel” or by some other name chosen by the office. Click on the “Edit” link in the row of the appropriate carousel name.

You will see a column listing rows containing the content of each slide in the Carousel. Note that each row has a crosshair icon on the left side. You can re-arrange the order of the slides by clicking on and dragging the crosshair icon.

For each slide, you must upload an image, enter a title, insert a hyperlink, and add a very short summary sentence to the “Body” field in the row of content associated with that slide.

To make a new slide, Click on the “Add Another Item” button. To insert an image into a slide, click on the “Select Media” button and follow the same process as inserting an image onto a page, explained earlier.

After entering the title into the “Title” field, insert the full URL of the page you want the slide to link to in the “Link” field (e.g., Enter a very short summary sentence in the “Body” field.

Once you are done adding slides, make sure to click on the “Save” button.

Depending on the design theme of your website you may have additional, or different, Carousels active on your home page. Once you find the appropriately named carousel, you should be able to follow the above steps to update any of them.

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