Creating an "Office Location" Page

You can create an Office Location page that highlights the Washington, D.C. or a district office by listing the address and contact information. To create an Office Location page, hover over “Content” in the black navigation bar, then “Add Content” and click on “Office Location”. The page looks similar to other pages you can create except there are fields for the address and office information. After adding information in the “Title” and “Body” fields, add the address information in the “Address” section. The information you enter will generate a Google map image on the offices’ listing page.

There is a “Featured Image” option that allows you to add an image to the footer area and accompany the office information. You are not required to upload an image but you want to be consistent when it comes to this image. If the other office location pages have an image, then you should upload one to every additional Office Location page.

In the “Office Details” field, you can enter information about the office such as the office hours, phone, and fax number. Once you are done, remember to publish the page.


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