Creating a "Video" Page

Video can be added to the website by creating a Video page and using it to manage video hosted on a third party website like YouTube.

If the office decides to have a YouTube account, you can add the slideshow player from the account onto the page. To create a Video page, hover over “Content” in the black navigation bar, then hover over “Add Content” and click on “Video”. After entering the title in the “Title” field, click on the “Browse” button under “Video” and in the resulting pop-up window enter the URL of the YouTube video player copied from the specific video or from the playlist associated with the Member’s YouTube account.

Next, you can optionally enter a “Featured Image” to be used on the video listing page. Click on the “Browse” button and either choose the “Upload” option to locate the image locally on your computer or click on the “Library” option if the image has already been uploaded into the content manager. Follow the rest of the steps described earlier for “Inserting an Image onto a Page”. If you decide not to include a Featured Image, an image of the video player that was added to the page will be used as a Featured Image on the Videos listing page.

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