Creating a "Photo Gallery" Page

Photos can be added to the website by creating a Photo Gallery page. There are two options to include photos on the Photo Gallery page. You can use the page to manage photos hosted on a third party website like Flickr. Alternatively, you may choose to upload the photos directly onto the page and include a photo caption for each one.

If the office decides to have a Flickr account, you can add the slideshow player from the account onto the page. To create a photo gallery, hover over “Content” in the black navigation bar, then “Add Content” and click on “Photo Gallery”. After entering the title in the Title field, you are required to enter a “Featured Image” to be used on list presentations of this gallery. Click on the “Browse” button and either choose the “Upload” option to locate the image locally on your computer or click on the “Library” option if the image has already been uploaded into the content manager. Follow the rest of the steps described earlier for “Inserting an Image onto a Page”.

If you want to include the Flickr photo slideshow, copy the code from the Flickr account and paste it into the “Embed Code” field on the “Create Photo Gallery” page.

If you decide not to use a social media account, you can upload photos onto the page directly. On the page there is a “Photo” section. Click on the “Select Media” button to upload a photo. In the “Caption” text field, type a photo caption for the related photo. You can add another photo by clicking on the “Add Another Item” button.

Once you have added multiple photos you can re-arrange the order of the photos by clicking and dragging the crosshair icon next to each photo row.

Whenever you see a crosshair icon next to a set of items, you are able to re-arrange their order if necessary.


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