Deleting Vs. Unpublishing

Whenever a page needs to be removed from the website, your first inclination may be to delete the page from the website. However, it is recommended to unpublish a page rather than delete it. The reason is if you ever need to re-publish the page or reference part of its content for inclusion on another page, it will not be in the content manager. You will have to re-create it from scratch. It does no harm to unpublish pages and leave them in the content manager. An unpublished page only exists on the edit site, and is not browseable by visitors to the live website, or by search engines.

If you feel you must delete a page, either to remove “clutter” or to prevent confusing an approved page with an unapproved page of similar title, consider taking the time to make sure you will not need the content again, especially if it is lengthy or would be difficult or time-consuming to re-create. If you’re not absolutely sure, consider unpublishing instead of deleting.

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