Creating an "Event" Page

You can add an event page to the website that highlights an upcoming event. It may be a town hall event in the district or an event in Washington, D.C.

To create an Event page, hover over “Content” in the black navigation bar, then “Add Content” and click on “Event”. The page is similar to an Office Location page because you can add the address but you must add the event date.

 In addition to adding information in the “Title” and “Body” fields, you can add the event date by clicking into the field and using the calendar popup in the “Event Date” area.

You can enter the event time by clicking into the field next to the “Event Date” field. When you click into the field, click on the down arrow key on your keyboard, which displays the current time. You can then manipulate the time and change it as necessary. 

If you want to add the ending time, click on the checkbox called “Show End Date”. You will see two identical text fields beneath the event date and event time. Enter the same event date (unless it’s a multi-day event) and add the ending event time in the other field.

You can add the address information in the “Address” section. The information you enter will generate a Google map image of the event location on the page. You can view the image once the page is saved.

Once you are done, publish the page. The event will be added to the Events listing page as an upcoming event. Once the event date has expired, the event will be archived as a past event.

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