Creating an "In the News" Page

An In the News page features an external publication article that highlights the Member. You can create the page and include the byline, publication title, and publication article URL.

Hover over “Content” in the black navigation bar, then “Add Content” and click on “In the News”.

You will arrive at the “Create In the News” page. The page is almost the same as a press release, except there are three different fields. In the “Byline” field, enter the publication’s name and the author’s name. In the “Source URL” area there are two fields: “Title” and “URL”. In the “Title” field enter the publication name (ex: Washington Post). In the “URL” field enter the URL of the article you wish to link to on that publication’s website (ex:

An In the News page is date sensitive, so enter the date the article was published in the “Date” field (located in the “Authoring Information” section). Publish the page if you are ready to make it live on the website.

Once the In the News page is live on the website, you will see its page listed as a link on the In the News page in the Media Center section.

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