Adding Content

By default you have the ability to create the following items in the content manager:

  1. Article – A page that is a speech, an opinion editorial, or a blog posting.
  2. Event – A page that highlights the date and location of an event.
  3. Homepage Feature – A slide that is added to the homepage slideshow rotator.
  4. In The News – A page that mentions an external publication article that highlights the Member.
  5. Office Location – A page that highlights the Member’s Washington D.C. or district office, including the address, phone number or fax number.
  6. Page – A generic page on the website that is static, such as the Biography page or a Services page.
  7. Photo Gallery – A page that contains photos that are uploaded onto the website, or an embedded Flickr photo slideshow player.
  8. Press Release – A page that consists of an actual press release issued by the office.
  9. Video - A page that contains videos that are uploaded onto the website, or an embedded YouTube video player.

You can create any of those items by hovering over the word “Content” in the black navigation bar, then hover over “Add Content”, and click on the type of item you want to create.

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