Updates for 8/30 (after COB)

  1. For non-congressional offices, the phone call script and phone call messages now retain word wrap and paragraph breaks. 
  2. In the Mail Viewer, Contact ID and Checked Out By columns have been added as options for the viewer. Both columns can be sorted.
  3. When creating a New Contact, the cursor starts in Prefix instead of on Find Contact.
  4. A new configuration option* that allows auto-assigns staff based on interest code with the following specifications:
  • For individual selection of records in mail viewer, append additional staff based on interest code.
  • For multiple selection of records in mail viewer, replace the assigned staff in the records with the staff based on interest code.

* If your office is interested in enabling this configuration, please email


  1. Fixed issue with merge fields so that you can choose to select either Header or a Footer without error.
  2. Fixed issue with Copy Letter dialogue so that it closes automatically once the copy has been made.


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