Updates for 7/11/16 (after COB)

Mail Module

  1. Due Date column can now be added into the viewer when customizing your layout.
  2. Due date in mail module will now display green until the activity reaches it's due date. When the activity is due, the date will display in red.
  3. Clearer delineation for response requested. Previously, response requested was either yes or no. There is now a new "None" option to categorize activities where no selection has been made. 
    1. The assign window has been updated to include a dropdown selection for response requested that includes all 3 statuses: Yes, No, and None.
    2. All three statuses appear when grouping in the mail viewer.
    3. All 3 statuses appear as options when creating saved searches in the Mail module.

Letters Module

  1. Letter Code is now a sort option in the Letters module.
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