Updates for 6/3/16

The following merge fields have been created for use in Form letters:

  1. ActivityDescription
  2. ActivityMessage
  3. CwUdftext1
  4. CwUdftext2
  5. CwUdftext3
  6. CwUdfnum1
  7. CwUdfnum2
  8. CwUdfnum3
  9. CwUdfDate1
  10. CwUdfDate2
  11. CwUdfDate3
  12. ContactUdftext1
  13. ContactUdftext2
  14. ContactUdftext3
  15. ContactUdfnum1
  16. ContactUdfnum2
  17. ContactUdfnum3
  18. ContactUdfDate1
  19. ContactUdfDate2
  20. ContactUdfDate3

See How do I add automatic merge fields to my letters? for more information about merge fields.

Change to Casework Activity Details so that it will no longer require you to save or update the letter before selecting the option to print letter and envelope.

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