Updates for 4/6/16

Changes to Signal are listed below.  They are either direct answers to your enhancement requests or updates to improve your user experience.

Mail Module:

  1. Mail Viewer will automatically sync when updates are made to an activity.
  2. New preview icon for individual messages. 
  3. New preview icon for duplicate messages when grouping by duplicate.
  4. The contact's default email address now appears in the reading pane below address and phone number.
  5. New Action to view message data.
  6. Configuration to enable forwarding an activity's details.
  7. Additional sort option to sort by duplicate.
  8. Configuration option to append interest codes rather than over-write them when mass assigning codes to activities.

Letters Module:

  1. Letter history is now more comprehensive, including letter "views".
  2. New Sentiment field in Letter details.
  3. Configuration options to auto-assign interest code and/or sentiment based on letter code assignment.

Contacts Module:

  1. New "uncombine" option for combined constituent records.
  2. "Dangerous" flag for threatening constituents.
  3. Ability to export duplicate or household check results.
  4. Personal code has an additional "type" attribute.


  1. DOB field now displays correctly.
  2. The last name "Null" can now be accurately recorded.
  3. The Quick Search results for "Caseworks" and "Activities" now displays the results.
  4. The "Print Letter and Envelope" button now allows you to print both at the same time.


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