How do I convert correspondence to a case?

If you have a correspondence activity that should become a case, you are able to convert the activity to a case, which will save the original incoming message as a case activity and create a case record for the contact.

  1. Select the incoming message.
  2. Select Actions from the top, and then select Convert to Casework.
  3. A Convert to Case form will appear so you can assign values to the new case and the correspondence activity that will be converted to a casework activity. Ensure that "Casework" is the type of record you are converting the correspondence to, click "Load Defaults" at the bottom of the screen to load your saved preferences, and make any other changes such as assigning a Case Type or assigned staff.
  4. If the contact has an open case already, you will be able to select the case from the list at the bottom of the form and add the correspondence activity to it. If the contact does not already have an open case, then this will automatically create a new case. Click Convert.
  5. The new case will be listed in the assigned staff member’s My Cases folder where he/she can add a comment, view the incoming email, and move forward with the case. 
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