What reports are available?

Reports can be found under the Analytics tab.

Mail Reports:

  • Activity Detail - specific activities are listed based on the selected parameters
  • Executive Summary - a high level report providing an overview of the week
  • Frequent Writer - lists contacts who have written in a specified number of times
  • Interest Code Usage by Staff - displays staff usage statistics for specified interest codes
  • Mail Aging by Assigned Staff - breaks down pending mail by age for specified staff
  • Mail Code Usage - provides stats on activities based on specified codes (interest code, group code, or letter code)
  • Outstanding Activity Summary - indicates the number of outstanding activities, as well as those assigned group codes and letters, for each staff member
  • Production Stats - displays activity productivity stats for each staff member
  • Sentiment Codes - provides a count of pro/con/undecided sentiments for each code (interest, group, or letter)
  • Top Contacts with Open Activities - lists the contacts who have the highest number of open activities based on a specified number of open activities

Casework Reports:

  • Casework Detail - specific cases are listed based on the selected parameters
  • Casework Production Stats - displays casework productivity stats for each staff member
  • Casework Productivity by Month - provides a breakdown of specified casework productivity by month for the selected year
  • Casework Trends by Week - lists the number of received/resolved cases by week for the specified date range
  • Casework Turnaround Summary - breaks down received, resolved, and outstanding casework by time frame for each staff member
  • Outstanding Casework Detail - outstanding cases are listed based on the selected parameters
  • Outstanding Casework Summary - a count of outstanding cases and/or outstanding case workflows is provided for the specified staff


  • Letters Activity - lists letters that have been created or modified within the specified date range
  • System Table - lists the codes and usage count for the selected system table (casework type, group codes, interest codes, letter codes, personal codes, staff)


  • Activity Workflow Summary - provides a summary of total workflows and approval/rejection rate for each staff
  • Records with Workflow - lists records with workflow based on the specified parameters

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