Updates for 8-18-2015

Changes to Signal are listed below.  They are either direct answers to your enhancement requests or updates to improve your user experience.

  1. Casework Update Notification - You now have the option to enable email notifications for updates made to your casework by other users, including when new cases are assigned to you. See How can I enable email notifications for casework? for instructions and tips.
  2. New Casework Filter Option - A new option to filter by "Last Updated By" is now available when creating filtered folders and saved searches for casework. For instructions on how you can use this filter, see our article How do I find my casework that has been updated by someone else?

  3. Improvements to Message Analysis - Improvements were made to the system's existing message analysis that runs on new webform submissions and CWC mail (House of Representatives only) to even more efficiently identify advocacy campaign mail.
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