What is Custom Caller ID?

Custom Caller ID is a free service that allows you to let your Access Live Event contacts know who is calling. Setting up a custom caller ID takes on average between 48 and 72 business hours. Please note that we cannot configure Custom Caller ID for your organization's current phone number. Custom Caller ID requires the acquisition of a new phone number, but you are able to select your desired area code (if available). You simply need to provide the following information:

  1. Desired area code
  2. 15-character display name (spaces are allowed, but no punctuation)
  3. Callback recording
    • The caller ID number plays a message, recorded by you, when dialed by the participant. This message should be informative, yet generic enough to use for multiple events.
    • Sample Script for Callback Recording:

      "Hello, this is <Name/Organization>. We called you to join an Access Live Event and may call you again in the future to join another event. To reach my office, please call (xxx) xxx-xxxx or visit my website at"

This Custom Caller ID setup is only required once. After that, you can simply reuse the Custom Caller ID that has already been configured for your team. 

How It Works

When a call is delivered to the local phone company, the local phone company connects the call to the recipient’s phone. If the recipient pays for a caller ID service as part of their phone plan, a 15 character or less CNAM (Caller ID Name/Alphanumeric Display) and the numeric phone number is displayed for the recipient to see.

Along with the custom number and CNAM, the custom caller ID also includes a forwarding option which is utilized when the caller ID is called back by the participant.

Available Area Codes

Click the image below for a full-sized list of available area codes.

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