How do I fix a problem with my e-newsletter content and/or images?

Many issues can be avoided by sending test emails and checking them thoroughly prior to approving a mailing. Always send a test after editing content, and send a test to multiple email service providers such as Outlook, Gmail, and/or AOL. Once a mailing has been sent out, it can not be changed.

The links in my test eNewsletter are "expired." What does this mean?

  • The links within a test mailing are only active within the most recently-sent email. This means that if you send a test email to yourself, the links will work for you. If you then send a test to another staffer in your office, the links in the test mailer you sent to yourself will stop working and the links in your colleague's email will work since it was the most recently-sent test.
  • You can send a test to two email addresses at the same time. When sending a test, type a comma followed by the second email with no space after the comma so that it looks like this:,

Some or all of the pictures in my eNewsletter are broken. Why is that?

  • The primary cause of this issue is that the image file name has spaces or special characters.
  • When uploading pictures for the eNewsletter, you must ensure there are no spaces or special characters in the file name.
  • If the photos are already uploaded, the files can be re-named in the Gateway. This will not, however, fix the images in an already-sent email.
Why are the photos that I upload to my eNewsletter automatically resized to a smaller size?
  • ​The Constituent Gateway has always run uploaded images for eNewsletters through some optimization code, which both compresses the file and potentially resizes the image to better fit into an email. This greatly decreases the overall file size of the email and images which will lower how long it takes to download and render when a recipient selects to view the email. This in turn will greatly affect deliverability and is a proven best practice for email marketing (emails that take longer to load are less likely to be read).
  • Secondly, you could try uploading the full size, high-resolution, image to a location on your website. You can then attach a click hyperlink to the scaled down image you embed in your mailing, which will take recipients to the full-screen version for better viewing.
  • And lastly, we encourage you to use the .png format when available. It has the best compression to image quality of any image file type. A png should always look better -- regardless of compression and resizing -- then a comparable jpeg file (and will be a smaller file size too!).​ 

I've included an image and a caption using a table. How can I move the table without deleting the image?

  • The table cannot be moved using the WYSIWYG editor. You will need to use the "Source" option to view the HTML.
  • The table with begin with this tag <table> and end with this tag </table>. You will highlight the tags and everything in between, and then cut (use CTRL X).
  • Find the spot you'd like to move it to, and then paste it (use CTRL V) after the end tag of the paragraph. (Look for </p> to signify the end of a paragraph.)
  • Click "Source" again to return to the WYSIWYG editor.

The text has a large amount of space between each paragraph. How can I eliminate this?

  • This is usually the result of copying and pasting text from Word. You can manually eliminate this extra space by clicking in front of each paragraph and hitting the Backspace button. 
  • To avoid this altogether, you could alternatively paste the text into the WYSIWYG editor using the "Paste as Plain Text" option. It will remove ALL formatting, including hyperlinks, bold text, etc.

I am reusing saved content, but when I make changes to the text, the formatting changes too. How can I change the text but still keep the formatting?

  • This is usually the result of copying and pasting text on top the original text. The new formatting is replacing the original formatting.
  • To avoid this, click after the first word of the paragraph and paste the text using the "Paste as Plain Text" option. (The icon looks like a small blue notepad on a a clipboard.)
  • Then slowly backspace to remove the first word, being careful not to backspace into another paragraph.
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