How do I upload a list of eNewsletter contacts?

iConstituent helps protect the reputation of your Gateway eNewsletter IP address(es) by scrubbing any new lists prior to upload. To get a new list of email addresses added to your account, please send the list in Excel format to and indicate the following or use this template.

  1. If the data should be added to a new list
    • Please provide the list name
  2. If the data should be added to an existing list
    • Please provide the list name
    • By default, any new data that is added to the account will also be added to the "All Contacts" list
  3. If there should be a change made to the subscription status of the contacts
    • Indicate whether the contacts should be subscribed, unsubscribed, or if no action should be taken on their subscription status

Data can be imported to the fields outlined below. Please ensure that each type of data is contained in its own column within the Excel document.

  • Title (Prefix)
  • First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • Last Name
  • Suffix
  • E-mail
  • Home Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Fax Number
  • Mobile Phone
  • Job Title
  • Organization
  • Department
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Ethnicity
  • External CRM ID
  • Matchid
  • Pager Number
  • County
  • Residential Full Address 1
  • Residential Full Address 2
  • Residential City
  • Residential State
  • Residential Zip
  • Residential Zip+4
  • Residential PO BOx
  • Residential Rural Route
  • Residential Street Number
  • Residential Street Number Fraction
  • Residential Prefix
  • Residential Street Name
  • Residential Unit
  • Residential Suffix
  • Mailing Full Address 1
  • Mailing Full Address 2
  • Mailing PO Box
  • Mailing Rural Route
  • Mailing Street Number
  • Mailing Street Number Fraction
  • Mailing Prefix
  • Mailing Street Name
  • Mailing Unit
  • Mailing Suffix
  • Mailing City
  • Mailing State
  • Mailing Zip
  • Mailing Zip+4
  • Senate District
  • Congressional District
  • Legislative District
  • Ward
  • Township
  • Precinct
  • Constituent ID
  • Registered Date
  • Subscribe
  • Unsubscribe
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