Web Streaming Your Access Live™ Event

Web Streaming is automatically enabled for your Access Live™ Event. Prior to your event, you can share the link to increase participation.

Prior to your event, you will receive an email from the support team with a list of options for publicizing your event, including a URL to your personal live streaming page. 

  1. Copy the link to your custom live streaming page.
  2. Paste and promote your live streaming page in an e-newsletter mailing, on your social media sites, and on your website.

During your event, the participants will simply click the link to listen in, submit questions, and answer poll questions.

You should acknowledge your web streaming participants in your introduction and let them know how they can participate. Here's a sample of what you might include in your script:

For those of you who are listening in via the web stream, you are able to actively participate in the event by submitting questions (and completing polls). If you'd like to submit a question, enter your name, type the question, and click Submit. You'll be prompted for your email so we can respond later if we do not get a chance to respond during the event.

Questions submitted online will appear in a queue below your regular Q&A queue. You will need to read the question aloud for everyone listening in, and then provide the answer.

After the question has been answered, click the Remove button that appears to the right of the question.

After your event, you will be able to see your web streaming participants listed by IP address in the TeleForum Streaming Audio Attendees report. If a participant asked a question, you'll see the question, along with name and email information.

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