Access Live™ Guide - Part 3: Provide Dial Out Lists

What you need to do to prepare for your call:

Several days prior to a call...

The day of the call...

Telephone Dial Lists

  1. If you have purchased data, provide us with the list criteria, and we will then create the list and upload it to your Access Live™ account. If you'd like to purchase new data, contact your sales representative. Any data you purchase from iConstituent will be uploaded to your Access Live™ account.
  2. You can use your own dial list and submit it to the support specialist scheduling your event. Simply reply to the confirmation email you received after scheduling your event and attach the file to your reply. Our support team will upload the list to your Access Live™ account.
  3. You can also upload your own dial list. To do this, follow these instructions.
    1. Save your list in .csv format
      1. Be sure to include address and email information since it can be used with the post call results.
      2. Telephone columns can contain parentheses, dashes, and spaces, but any letters or extra/not enough numbers will render the number unusable.
    2. Go to
    3. Log in with your username and password.
    4. Hover your mouse over the Files tab, and then click on List files
    5. Click Browse, and select your file on your computer.
    6. Click Upload.
    7. Once the file is uploaded, click on the Manage icon. (This button looks like a wrench and screwdriver.)
    8. Select the appropriate columns for the name and phone number:
      1. Using the Combine Column tool, combine the column letters containing the first and last name in the order that you want them to be, the click Go (if applicable).
      2. Using the Change Phone Column To tool, select the column letter that has your phone numbers.
      3. Using the Change Name Column To tool, select the collumn letter that contains your names.
    9. Click the Finish and Back to List link.
    10. Scrub your list to remove duplicates, invalid numbers, and do not call numbers by clicking on the black eraser icon, check all the boxes and click OK.
    11. Your list will be scrubbed, and you will be given the final list size.

About Mobile Numbers

The FCC regulation requiring the removal of mobile numbers from unsolicited phone events has been in place for some time now. As of 2014, however, we are now required to scrub mobile numbers from all events unless you are a member of Congress who has signed the mobile authorization form (email to request your mobile authorization form) or your office can provide *tangible* proof of prior express consent of the contact. As part of the event setup process, we will remove mobile numbers and will provide you with the final list count. In addition to mobile scrubbing, we also remove duplicate entries, mis-formatted numbers, and Do Not Call (DNC) list members.

For more information, click here.

Callers contending that they have the prior express consent to make prerecorded voice or autodialed calls to cell phones or other mobile service numbers should know that they have the burden of proof to show that they obtained such consent.

Sample disclaimer text for online or paper signup form:

I hereby consent to receive autodialed and/or pre-recorded telephone calls from or on behalf of <Organization Here> at the telephone number provided, for the purpose of participating in this iTownHall meeting.

VIP and Subscriber Lists

NOTE: Please have all VIP lists and/or Subscriber lists uploaded and scrubbed by 10 am the day of your call. Any last minute additions to your list may change your call tier, and you will be charged for the next tier.

Upload your lists using the instructions found above. When you scrub the list, only remove duplicates since these contacts opted into the call. You can always send your lists to the support specialist handling your event for upload, as well.

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