What are recommended best practices for Access Live™ Events?

  • Use polling to interact with your constituents and get real-time reporting.
  • Promote your webstreaming page for constituents to participate via their computers or smart phones.
  • Do a seniors Access Live™ Event mid-morning or in the middle of the day.
  • Geo-target areas in your District through a series of smaller calls and speak about issues directly relevant to that area.
  • Hold at least one event per month.
  • Ensure your average sized call is at least 50k.
  • Hold an event featuring a special guest such as another Member or a Mayor from your District.
  • Hold an event on a Tuesday or Thursday evening.
  • Send out an announcement call letting constituents know about the upcoming Access Live™ Event. These have been proven to boost participation by 15%+ and increase your live answer rates, as well as increase attendee duration an average of 7%.
  • Send an invitation out to your e-newsletter subscribers with a link to the webstreaming page or a sign-up option if they wish to receive a call.
  • Use the Social Marketing Playbook (provided with Total Access Events) to publicize your event on Facebook and/or Twitter to gain more traction before the call. 
  • Put the audio file from the call on your website, and post video follow-ups to the unanswered questions on a dedicated Access Live™ page on your website. Better yet, use the Social Media Dashboard to post relevant clips during your event.
  • Create a generic Live Answer, Answering Machine, and PostCall Voicemail file that you can use frequently so you don't have to record sound files each time you have an event.
  • Include email/mailing address information with your dial list; this makes for easy creation of "thank you" notes for participants and "sorry we missed you" notes for others, as well as making it easier to capture new e-newsletter subscribers.
  • Build your subscriber base by including a poll question.
  • Present the "meat" of your material about 15 minutes into the call.
  • Have fun, and make the calls entertaining!
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