Capture Additional Information with the Contributor Queue

The Contributor Queue is a separate queue from the Q&A queue to gather additional information from participants. This is typically used for campaign organizations looking to capture additional information such as email address, mailing address, or phone number from participants who may want to contribute or volunteer for the campaign, but do NOT want to ask a question. Participants are placed into this queue by pressing *6.

Step 1: Enable Contributor Queue

If you'd like to enable the contributor queue for your event, please notify You can also include this in the "Additional Details/Special Instructions:" field of the scheduling form ( 

Step 2: Select and Prepare Your Screeners

One or two additional screeners will be needed to monitor this queue. If these screeners have not monitored the Contributor Queue before, it is a good idea to have them participate in Access Live Event Training. (If you did not select Yes for training when signing up for the event, you can email with your request.)

Step 3: Capture Participant Information During the Event

The login instructions for the screeners monitoring the Contributor Queue is exactly the same as those for the screeners monitoring the Q&A Queue until step 14. See below:

Step 1: Using Mozilla Firefox, go to
Step 2: Log in with your username and password.
Step 3: Hover your mouse over the Access Live button and right-click on Client Info.
Step 4: Select Open Link in New Tab. (This tab will display the dial in information for your call, please note the number that you’ll be using to dial in.
Step 5: Click on the original browser tab. (It should still be set to the home page.)
Step 6: Hover your mouse over the Access Live button once again.
Step 7: Click on Go To Access Live.
Step 8: The system will ask you for your chat name. Enter your first name or an alias, and click submit. (If the system does not ask you for your chat name, it remembers you from last time you logged in.)
Step 9: Using your telephone, dial in on the Host number: 877-212-6960 PIN#: Refer to your confirmation email. (This information is also available on the other browser tab.)
Step 10: After a message indicating you are being transferred into the Live Access Event as a screener, you will see your telephone number show up in the interface under the “Hosts” section as “Dial-in Screener.”
Step 11: Click on “Dial-in Screener” and rename your line to your name.
Step 12: Click on theIicon to the left of your name between the speaker andSicons.
Step 13: Your icon will then turn into a checkmark, and you will be taken into “Screener View.”
Step 14: Click on the Contributor View tab to move into the contributor view.
Step 15: Click Capture to speak to a participant and capture additional information.
Step 16After capturing information, let the participant know they will be returned to the call, and click Save and Remove from Queue.

Step 4: Retrieve Your Data

After the event, you can access this data in the Full Report of Attendees by downloading the results in Excel. For more information about reports, see our article How do I view the Access Live report?

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