How can we capture e-newsletter subscribers from Access Live™ Events?

If you want additional information from your Access Live™ Event participants such as email address for e-newsletter subscribers, then there are several options for your event.

Include a Poll Question

Probably the most commonly used method for gathering information about your participants is to ask a poll question during the event. This is most effective if your dial out list also includes the contacts' email addresses. If your list does not have email addresses, then you will need to follow up with the potential subscribers after the call to get their email address.

  1. Start by logging into with your username and password.
  2. Select Access Live™ and then select Preset Polls from the dropdown menu.
  3. On the far left, select Create Preset Poll.
  4. Type your question and select the numbers you'd like to use for your answer options by checking the boxes. Type an answer option for each number you selected.
  5. Click Save.


During your event, select the Preset Poll and ask the question aloud. Webstreaming participants are able to listen to the event live from their computers or cell phones and participate by submitting questions and answering poll questions. If they submit questions, they will be prompted for an email address. Afterwards, you can download this data from the Webstreaming Participant Report.

For those of you who are listening in via the web stream, you are able to actively participate in the event by submitting questions (and completing polls). If you'd like to submit a question, enter your name, type the question, and click Submit. You'll be prompted for your email so we can respond later if we do not get a chance to respond during the event. Also, if you'd like to receive my e-newsletter, enter your name to submit a question and type the word "subscribe" in the question field. 

NOTE: When you pull your report for the webstreaming participants, be sure to only add the emails for contacts who actually typed in "subscribe" as their question. 

Enable the Contributor Queue

The Contributor Queue is an additional option for your Access Live™ Event that is specifically designed for capturing additional information about your participants that you can later download from your Attendee Report. It is separate from the Q & A queue so if a participant does not want to ask a question, but does want to subscribe to the newsletter, for instance, they are able to do so. It is recommended that you have an additional screener or two on the line to monitor this queue.

For additional information about the Contributor Queue, see the article Capture Additional Information with the Contributor Queue.

Log Additional Information While Screening

During the screening process, have screeners ask all participants they screen if they'd like to sign up for the newsletter. If the participant says yes, then capture the participant's email address in the email address field. This information can later be downloaded from the Attendee Report.


End of Call Recording

When your event ends, participants will be able to leave comments or questions on a voicemail afterwords. These recordings will be accessible in your event report. Let participants know either in your end of call recording or as the event is winding down that if they'd like to subscribe to your newsletter, they can leave their email address in a voicemail message after the event.

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