Updates for 05-20-15

To answer your requests and to optimize our own configuration efforts, we've made a few updates this week:

  • A separate SysAdmin portal for iConstituent support staff: While this is not a visible change for users, this portal allows us to better serve you by having one access point for all admin settings. 
  • The option to schedule automatic imports for Digital Mail: You can now set daily automatic Digital Mail imports between the hours of 6 am EDT - 10 am EDT. This will need to be configured by our support staff ( The automatic daily import will import mail that was scanned on the previous day.
  • A change to the way e-newsletter subscriptions are managed in the contact's record: Subscription status now allows for "None," "Opted In", and "Opted Out." No Gateway connection is necessary to edit this information.  

    NOTE: At this time, editing the subscription status in the contact's record does not sync with the contact's data in the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter PLUS. 
  • The view choice in the Contacts module is now "sticky": The default view in the Contacts module is "Recently Viewed" contacts. Now, if you change the view, Signal will remember your selection for the next time you view the Contacts module. 
  • Quick Search override of default view: If using the Quick Search to find contacts, the "View More Results" option will automatically view the results from the "All Contacts" view. 
  • Update to Activity Detail report: The parameters will now allow you to select an InType of "Not Assigned."
  • Customizable "From Name" for outbound emails: You can specify a "From Name" for all outbound emails in Signal. This is a system-wide configuration, so the name should reflect your entire organization and not a specific staffer. This will need to be configured by iConstituent, so email your request to
  • Dup/Household check is now running on all import processes: Scan, Fax, and Digital Mail imports are now checking the contacts with existing records upon import and matching with existing records based on Dup/Household check criteria.
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