Access Live™ Guide - Part 1: Schedule the Event

Thank you for choosing iConstituent to conduct your upcoming Access Live™ Event. Please know that our entire team will work to ensure that this event is a complete success. Review all sections of the Access Live™ Guide before proceeding. Some tasks will need to be completed 72 - 48 hours in advance of your Access Live™ Event, so please reach out to schedule your event as soon as possible. Reach out to with any questions.Access_logo_wTag_full.png

What you need to do to prepare for your call:

Several days prior to a call...

The day of the call...

Schedule the Event with iConstituent

Go to and complete all of the required fields. Then click Submit at the bottom of the form. iConstituent's Support Team will respond to either confirm your date and time or to offer an alternative. 

Select Event Type

Will this be a Basic or Total Access Event? Basic events allow you to reach your constituents across all platforms - landline, mobile, and computer users. This includes the outbound call, SMS text to register setup, an online page for web streaming, and even website integration with your current website. Total Access events pull out all the stops with additional options such as an outbound precall the day before the event, unlimited inbound calls for Congressional clients (much higher cap on inbound calls than Basic events for all others), up to 2 expert screeners to assist during your event, a customized social media marketing plan, and even live video production. 

See our Comparison Guide for more details about these features. If this is your first event with us, please email to schedule a consultation to set up your account with features such as Custom Caller ID, Website Integration, and SMS text to register.

Will there be an announcement call?

An announcement call is typically launched the day before the actual Access Live™ event. (It is sometimes referred to as a Robocall or PreCall.) If you plan to launch an announcement call, then your required deliverables will need to be in place one day earlier.

NOTE: Announcement calls are included with Total Access Events. There is an additional fee for announcement calls with Basic Access Events.

Will you need training?

Training is typically scheduled a day or two in advance of the announcement call and event. You can select the option for training when you schedule your event, or you can schedule training at any time by emailing

Do you plan to use the Social Center or Live Video Production?

If you are hosting a Total Access event, you can turn your event into a live video streaming event by using the Broadnet Live app (it can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play) on your smart phone. A production specialist will assist you in real time. (Video equipment can be provided if needed. If you are Congressional client, we can provide you with the equipment within 48 hours. All other clients, the kit is available for a fee, and we would need 72 hours notification.)

You will need to identify a person on your team who will be managing the Social Center during the event. (This person should be prepared to meet with the marketing specialist about 30 minutes prior to the event to discuss strategy.)

Software Requirements

Please make sure that all computers being used for the event have the latest version of either Firefox or Chrome web browser loaded and installed. The Access Live™ dashboard is fully compatible only with these two browsers, which can be downloaded for free at or

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