Why do I get a message to configure my quick letter narratives?

If you receive the following prompt when attempting to edit a quick letter, this means you do not have merge fields for header and signature information configured for your quick letters. You will need to add these to your user preferences:

Click on the blue text "Quick Letter Narratives." It is a hyperlink that will take you directly to your user preferences. 

Find the field that says "Quick Letter Narratives." It is most likely blank as in the example below:

You will need to add a HEADER narrative and a SIGBLOCK narrative. These are merge fields that will populate with information every time you write a letter. The HEADER will add the date, the constituent's address, and the salutation field to the top of your letters. The SIGBLOCK will add the official signature that should appear at the bottom of every outgoing letter.

The "Quick Letter Narratives" field is a think-ahead field, so if you begin type "H" you will see the option to select "HEADER." Click on it.

Then type "S" to see "SIGBLOCK" appear. Click on it. Your "Quick Letter Narratives" field should now look like this:

Your user preferences have been updated. Return to the Mail module to edit your quick letters.

For more information about your user preferences, see the article How do I set my user preferences? For more information about writing quick letters, see the article How do I write a quick letter for one contact?

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