What's New in Signal 1.2?

Changes to Signal 1.2 are listed below.  They are either direct answers to your enhancement requests or updates to improve your user experience.

  1. Login screen: The automatic "Windows Authentication" has been removed from Signal CRM. You will now see a login screen for the CRM.

    U.S. House of Representatives: Simply login with the same credentials you use to log into your computer in the morning. The reason for this change is explained below.

    Non-Congressional: Log in with your Signal CRM username and password (the same credentials you use to reach the remote computer, not including the domain "IC\").

    No passwords or credentials are stored by Signal; the authentication is performed against the Active Directory Services via LDAP. This change gets us that much closer to supporting multiple web browsers in future versions of Signal CRM.

  2. New default view in Contacts: The default view for the Contacts is now set to "Recently Viewed." You can choose to change your view to All Contacts (both individuals and organizations), All Organizations (organizations only), Recently Viewed (any records you have viewed with the most recent record at the top), Added Last 7 Days (contacts added within the last 7 days), Added Last 30 Days (contacts added within the last 30 days), or People without Tags (contacts without personal codes).
  3. New search options when searching for contacts: You can now filter by "Casework created date" and "Casework resolved date." NOTE: For more information about searching for contacts, see our article How do I create a saved search for contacts?

  4. OCR and import .tiff attachments from Email Queues and put them in the Scan Viewer: An Import Channel can now be created for Signal CRM to retrieve emails with .tiff attachments from a mailbox and push them into a "Scan Profile" for easier data entry via the scan interface, similar to how scanned letters are imported.
  5. Subscribe to reports: You can now subscribe to any of the reports in the Analytics module. A subscription lets you set up a recurring email with PDF attachment of the report to yourself or another staff member who uses Signal CRM.

  6. Search by Contact's phone number in the Quick Search: You may search for contact’s by their phone numbers in the Quick Search box if you begin your search query with "Phone:"


  7. Detailed View Log: Every interaction a user makes with any record is tracked in the record's log.

  8. There is now a timeout period of 8 hours in Signal CRM. When users have been inactive for an extended period of time, a popup warning will be presented in the system. If the "Stay Logged In" button is clicked, the user can continue work as usual. After 8 hours of inactivity, the user will be logged out automatically.


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