How do I add a form or survey to the website?

You can either add a survey to an existing forms folder or create a new forms folder. (Keep in mind that each forms section can only have one live form at a time, so if you plan to have multiple forms or surveys throughout the website, you will need to create a new folder for each one.)

Creating a new forms folder

Navigate to the section of the site that you'd like your survey to appear, or you can include it in the Hidden Section of your website if you plan to push it to another section. (See How do I work with pushed content? for more information.)

  1. Click Add Folder.
  2. Enter the name of your folder in the "Section Name" field.
  3. Select Forms as your content "Type."
  4. Leave the remaining settings as they are. 
  5. Click Save.
  6. Your new folder will appear at the bottom of the list of folders within your current section.
  7. Click the folder name to begin working on the section.
  8. You might want to add an introduction, but this is optional.

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Creating a form or survey

To create your survey, click the Add a Form or Survey button.

  1. Fill out the "Survey Name" to identify this particular survey. (The survey name does not display on your website.
  2. You can optionally give your survey a title and an introduction, both of which will appear on the website above your form or survey.
  3. You will also need to select your Submit Button Type:
    1. Submit Only will record the results from each contact.
    2. None is the default submit only.
    3. Pre-checked means the checkbox to opt in to receive future e-newsletter mailings will already be checked.
    4. Unchecked means the checkbox to opt in to receive future e-newsletters will be unchecked.
    5. Submit & Join will automatically opt in the user to receive e-newsletter mailings. (A brief disclaimer "By clicking submit, you are also subscribing to my e-newsletter." will also appear below this button.)
  4. You can also choose to enable CAPTCHA for added security if you want to verify that an actual person is submitting the responses.
    NOTE: Sometimes CAPTCHA can be a deterrent for survey submissions if a viewer has a difficult time reading the text that displays.
  5. If you would like your survey responses sent to a particular email address, type the address into the "Email Options To" field. 
    NOTE: Survey submissions are also recorded within the Website Publishing System, and can be downloaded at any time.
  6. If you'd like to allow multiple submissions per contact, check the box.
  7. Check whatever contact information you'd like to collect. Email is selected by default. First Name and Last Name are recommended. You have the option of making each one an available field and a required field.
    NOTE: The more information you require, the more hesitant viewers will be to submit their responses. Try to limit this information to the most essential items.
  8. Click Continue to move on to question creation.

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Adding questions and answers

You'll be prompted to add your first question.

  1. Select your "Question Style" from the dropdown menu:
    1. Short Text Answer will create a one line fill-in field for short answers.
    2. Paragraph Text Answer will create a multiple line text box for users to enter information for longer answers.
    3. Choose Multiple will provide checkbox options that will allow multiple selections.
    4. Choose One will provide radio button options that will allow a single selection.
    5. Choose One/Drop Down will display a dropdown menu that will allow a single selection.
  2. Type your question as you want it to display on the website. (The "Question (report)" field allows you to type in the question as you'd like to see it in the Executive Summary.)
  3. Click the orange Add Question button.
  4. If you selected Choose MultipleChoose One, or Choose One/Drop Down, you will see an option to Add Answer just below your question. Click the Add Answer link.
  5. Type the first option in the empty field, and then click the blue Add Answer button.
  6. Repeat that process for each additional option.
  7. Add any additional questions by following steps 1-6.
  8. Rearrange any answer options or questions by using the arrows that appear below the "Sort" column.
  9. After adding all of your questions, click the blue Done button.

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Publishing your survey

Your new survey will be listed below "Forms." The survey is not automatically live when you create it. To publish the survey, click the No below the "Live" column, and it will change to Yes.

You might also want to edit the "Thank You Page" that displays after a viewer submits a survey response, along with the email that will go out to the submitter. Click the appropriate Edit link to edit the content. (See How do I add content to a web page? if you need instructions on using the WYSIWYG editor.)

Then you can click the Section URL a the top of the section to view the live survey. If anything needs to be change, you can click the Edit link to make changes.
NOTE: After an entry has been submitted, the survey is locked and can no longer be edited. If a change needs to be made, select the Copy link, make edits to the copied survey, and make it live after edits are complete.


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Viewing your survey results

You can see the number of entries in the "Entries" column of your survey. When you're ready to download the results, click the Data link.

Click the blue Download Data button to download your survey results. Click the Show Preferences button on the upper right.

Select whatever information you'd like to download, keeping in mind that while there are a number of options, you can only download whatever information you asked for. The most important preferences are your "Download Settings." Set "Delimiters" to Comma, and "Qualifiers" to Double Quotes. Then click the blue Download button.

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