What's new in Signal 1.1?

There are a number of changes with our most recent update. These changes are either direct answers to your enhancement requests or updates to improve your user experience.

  1. Ability to create a new contact when adding a contact to a casework or organization. 
    If you're attempting to add a contact that is not already in the database to a case or an organization, you'll have the option of creating a new contact record within the lookup window. Click the New Contact link on the bottom left, and add a new contact as you normally would. See How do I create a new contact record? for more information.
  2. Several casework attachment changes.
    1. You no longer have to add a journal entry to attach a file to a case. You can attach files by clicking the Add link in the "Attachments" panel,  
      or by using the new "Attachment" option that displays under the New button.
    2. You can use the new "Drag and Drop" feature to attach files to a case. Drag and drop files onto the casework window to upload them as attachments.
    3. Upload multiple attachments at a time. You will be able to clearly monitor the progress of your uploads in the Upload Queue that appears in the bottom right of the screen.

      No more guess work as to whether or not your uploads were successful. If an upload was unsuccessful, the progress bar will turn red. (We recommend uploading files no larger than 5 MB.)
  3. Faster WYSIWYG for journals and notes. The editor is simpler and faster, and it relies on the web browser's spellchecker.
    NOTE: If your spell checker does not seem to be catching errors, you might need to enable it. Here are instructions for enabling Internet Explorer's Spell Checker in Internet Options.
  4. Show the Contact's Mailing Address in the Contact Search's results. Contact address information is now displaying in the Contacts module. See How do I find a contact? for more information.
  5. Web-based/HTML Analytics Module. This change to the reports gets us one step closer to browser independence. The module looks a little different, but these are all of the same reports you're used to running.
  6. Randomize results for Saved Searches for Contact when limiting the number of records (for 499s). For those of you who need to export lists or who run 499 campaigns, this should be extremely helpful. You no longer have to fully execute a Mass Mailing in order to pull a list of 499 random contacts. You are now able to pull a list and import it into the Gateway, download a list, or print labels. See How do I create a saved search for contacts? for more information.
  7. There is a new "Department" field for Organizations. (This is the second unlabeled field when adding or editing an organization record.) See How do I create or edit organizations? for more information.
    The "Department" field will appear in the casework record for the contact associated to the organization.

    You are able to search using the "Department" value when selecting "Organization" as a filter, and the "Department" value will display in the search results.
  8. You can change a casework's primary contact by clicking "Mark as Primary" below the desired contact.

  9. When creating a new contact, the cursor starts in the "Prefix" field. While this may be a minor change, it will increase efficiency when adding new contact records. See How do I create a new contact record? for more information.
  10. You now have the ability to copy a saved search or filtered folder. This will be a great time saver if you have several similar folders to set up with only minor changes. Simply copy the desired folder, and then make your edits. 
  11. Show eNewsletter Subscriber state in the Edit Contact dialog window.
  12. Automatically update the "Times Used" count for Letters.
  13. If you manage user accounts, you now have the ability to mirror another staff member's settings. (See How do I add a new user account? for more information.)
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