How do I update the slideshow on the homepage?

The most visible content on your website is the slideshow displaying at the top of your home page. To get the most interaction from the slideshow and to increase repeat visits, you should update images and button links frequently.

Selecting an Image to Use for Your Slideshow

When selecting an image to include in your slideshow, follow these guidelines:

  1. Remove spaces or special characters from the file name.
  2. To ensure that the images in your slideshow fit within the frame, use horizontal images.
  3. Adjust the file size so that it is no larger than 1 MB. Larger images can slow down your website.
  4. Stick to using JPEG or GIF images.

Adding a New Image to the Home Page Slideshow

Log into the Constituent Gateway Website Publishing System, and select Website. Your slideshow folder will be listed below Pushed Sections on the Homepage. The title will be "HP Rotator" or "jAccordian." Select the folder to update its contents.

  1. This folder contains a folder for your photos, as well as the code that maintains the slideshow. Select the folder listed at the top, which will store your photos. (This will be labeled "Rotator Items" or "News Items.")
  2. You will see your current buttons listed below "Photos." To add a new photo to the slideshow, click Upload a Photo.
  3. Type a headline for your button in "Headline" field. The headline will display as a small banner across the image.
  4. Type a description in the "Description" field. The slideshow will display a Learn More button linking to relevant content for each photo. To direct the Learn More button to take viewers to another page on your site, paste the section URL into the description in the following format: URL=(/news-releases/new-article/). If you are linking to a page not on your site, be sure to include the entire URL, including "http://". If you would like to change the button text, type the following below the URL: BUTTON=(Read More).
  5. Click Browse to browse your computer for an image.
  6. Double-click the file name, or select the file and select Open to see it listed in the "Image" field.
  7. Click Save.
  8. To rearrange the order of your photos, use the checkboxes in the "Sort" column. Check the item you want to move first, and then check the item that is positioned where you want the new image to be.
  9. To take down a photo, you can either delete it or make it no longer live by clicking Yes in the "Live" column so that it displays No.
  10. To view your updated slideshow live on your website, click the Site URL that appears at the top of the page.

Adding a New Video to the Home Page Slideshow

Adding a video to your slideshow is very similar to adding a photo. When you are adding a description for your photo. Instead of typing URL followed by a link, you will type VIDEO=( and BUTTON=(Play Video). Because this is a photo gallery, you will still need to upload a photo as a place holder in the gallery, but the gallery will display whatever thumbnail is associated with the video in YouTube


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