How do I add a press release or other news content to the website?

While most content you add or edit on  your website will be "Basic" content, using "News" content will allow you to take advantage of a few additional features particularly suited for Press Releases, Op-Eds, Speeches, and other sections that would have new content added frequently.

Adding News Content to an Existing Folder

If you just need to add new content to an existing folder, select the name of the desired folder, and click the Add Content button. 

There are 4 or 5 things you will need to do to add your content:

  1. Give the new content a headline. This headline will display on the main landing page of the section, and it will also display at the top of the content page.
  2. If your section displays summaries, then add a couple of sentences to the summary box. The summary will display on the main landing page of the section just below the headline and the date. (It does not display on the content page.)
  3. There are a couple of infrequently used options that you may implement based on your office's website and folder settings:
    • If your website has "Breaking News" enabled, and this item should appear as breaking news, then check the checkbox just above your WYSIWYG editor.
    • If you have thumbnail images enabled and would like to have a thumbnail image appear next to the headline and summary on the section's landing page, click Choose File, browse out to your computer, and upload the file. It will automatically be resized to fit within 100 px.
  4. Add your content to the WYSIWYG editor. For more information about working with the editor, see How do I add content to a web page?
  5. Check whatever issues are applicable under "Content Categories."
  6. Click Save

Your new content will display on your website.

Creating a New News Folder

If you need to set up a brand new News section on the website, then start by adding a News folder. First, navigate to the correct section of the website, and then click Add Folder.

  1. Enter the name of your folder in the "Section Name" field.
  2. The "Type" field defaults to Basic, so change the "Type" to News.
  3. If you would like summaries and dates to display along with the headlines on your section's landing page, then check Summary and Date under the "Display" options.
  4. To change the way the date will display, select your preference from the "Date Mask" dropdown menu.
  5. It's a good idea to leave the List All option checked for "Item Display" so that all of your content will display.
  6. If you have Content Categories enabled, you may wish to have a number of similarly categorized items from other sections display below your content. If so, then type in the number of related content to display. Otherwise, leave it set to "0."
  7. You can enable an RSS feed so that viewers can subscribe to it and be notified when  you post new content within this section by checking the Enable RSS box.
  8. You have 3 options for displaying your news content under "Display Type":
    • You can leave the setting Default, which will just display the content in descending order based on the display date.
    • You can select Group by Month, which will display a dropdown menu with the years on the landing page for viewers to select. Once the viewer selects a year, the content items will display in descending order based on the display date. (This is probably the most used option.)
    • You can select Month and Year Layout, which will display the same dropdown with the years, along with a selection box for month. Once the viewer selects both the year and a month, the content will display in descending order based on the display date. (This option is typically used if you post a lot of content regularly so multiple content items display under each month.)
  9. Check Live and Display in Menu to see your new News folder display as a menu item on the website.
  10. To enable Content Categories, check the appropriate categories. (Enabling this feature will allow you to organize your content by category and to push the content to other areas of your website based on related category.)
  11. Click Save. Your new folder will be added to the list of folders in your current section. Select the name of the folder to view its contents.

You will most likely want to add an Introduction and just include a Headline to that the top of the section will display the section's title, like "Press Releases", for instance. Typically, though, not much else is added to the introduction for news sections since the focus is the content. Here's an example of what a news section might look like bases on the above settings.

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