How do I add agency contacts to a case?

  1. Start by clicking the ID number for the case to open the case details.
  2. Click the blue New button that appears in the upper right corner, and select Contact.
  3. The "Contact Lookup" window will appear. You can search by the contact's name, the organization, address information, or personal code. Click the desired filter(s) and type in the keyword to search. 
  4. When your results appear, select the contact(s) you would like to add to the case, and click Apply.
  5. If your contact is not in the system, you can click the New Contact link that appears at the bottom of the Contact Lookup window. Complete the New Contact form with the desired information, and then click Save. Your new contact will be automatically added to the case.
  6. If the organization is not in the system, close the Contact Lookup window. Click the New button that appears to the left of the case above the left navigation panel, and select New Organization. Complete the New Organization form with the desired information, and then click Save. You will be in the new organization's contact record. To return to your case, close the record and select the Case ID number for your case. Now you will be able to repeat steps 2-4 to add the newly created organization to the case.
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