How do I upload and link to files on the website?

Every Introduction or Content will allow you to attach files to that page. Simply click the paperclip icon that appears below the headline. The files will appear as links at the bottom of the page.

If you would prefer to link to your files within the body of the Introduction or Content, then you can create an Uploads folder in the Hidden section. Your files will all be located in one place and you can link to them from any page by copying the URL and inserting a hyperlink.

Creating a New "Uploads" folder in the “Hidden Section”

The Hidden Section contains live website content that is not accessible through a navigation menu. The content within this folder is only visible on your website if you link to them from elsewhere in your site or if you push them to other sections. (If you are interested in learning more about pushed content, see How do I work with pushed content?) Items typically stored here include widgets such as Bill Search or e-News Sign Up, buttons, surveys, and an Uploads folder.

Log into the Constituent Gateway Publishing System. Select Website from the Top Navigation Menu.

Locate the “Hidden Section” folder, and click the name of the folder to view its contents. 

  1. To create new content, click on Add Folder
  2. Name your new folder "Uploads," and click Save
  3. Your new folder will appear at the bottom of the Hidden Section's list of folders. Click its name and create the new Introduction or Content. You do not need to add any content to the editor. Click Save.
  4. Hover over the new Headline/title that appears below the introduction, and select Attachments
  5. Click the Add attachment button.
  6. Give your attachment a name, select the type of file, and then browse out to find your file.
  7. Click Save. Your new file will appear in the "Attachment Management" panel.
  8. Before leaving the "Uploads" folder, copy the URL for the file by right-clicking the file name and selecting Copy link address.

Linking to Your File

Now that you have copied the URL, you can insert a hyperlink in any content you choose. Navigate to the section of the website that contains your content. Click the Headline/Title of your content. (If you haven't yet created your content, you can see detailed instructions in How do I add content to a web page?)

  1. While in the WYSIWYG editor, highlight the text that will become your hyperlink.
  2. Click the "Insert hyperlink" icon.
  3. Paste the URL you copied from your file into the URL field.
  4. Select the "Target" tab, and select the option to have your file open in a new window.
  5. Click OK.

Once you are through editing your content, click Save. Click the Section URL at the top of the screen to see your content and test your hyperlink.

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