How do I update a flag request?

Start by selecting Services from the top navigation menu, and then select Flags from the left navigation panel. You can click on the Flag ID number to open up the flag details.

You can also access the flag from within the contact's record. Click on the contact's name to open the record. You will see an overview of all the contact's interactions with your office, including any flags. You can click on the Flag ID number to open up the flag details, or you can click on one of the options listed below the description to make quick updates.

If you click on the Flag ID number, this will open the Flag Detail window where you can view, edit, or update any information related to the flag request.

  1. To edit information about the request such as due date, status, or assigned staff member, click the Edit link just below the contact's name. Edit the correct fields, and then click Save.
  2. To resolve a request, click the Resolve link that appears just below the contact's name. Select the correct status, check the "Close all open activities" box, and type in a reason for the resolution. Click Resolve.
    NOTE: Only active requests will appear in the Flags folder;however, you can access flag requests of any status by searching for the constituent and looking at the contact's overview.
  3. In the center of the flag detail, you will see an overview of all the flag interactions with the most recent item at the top. You can work with any of these items using the links below the description. (You can also view just activities by clicking on the Activity tab.)
  4. If you need to write a new letter, add a new journal entry, or select a flag, click the blue New button that appears in the upper right of the record.
  5. To write a new letter, select Activity from the dropdown menu. Ensure that "Out" and "Type" are labeled correctly, select a form letter (if relevant), and/or edit a quick letter. Click Send if the letter is ready to go out. (See our article How do I write a letter for a flag request? for detailed instructions.)
  6. To add a new journal entry, select Add Journal from the dropdown menu. Type or copy and paste text into the editor, attach any necessary files, and click Save.
  7. To add a new flag type to the request, select Flag from the dropdown menu. A small form will appear. Select the correct flag from the dropdown menu, select quantity, specify whether or not it should be flown, and add any other relevant notes. Then click Save.
  8. To return to your list of flag requests, click the X in the upper right to close the window.

You can also use the icons on the Flag Viewer toolbar to either delete or change the status of a request. You can also select more than one request at a time.

  1. Select the request(s) from the list of flag requests in the viewer. (To highlight more than one, use CTRL. You can also select a large group by clicking on the top one, holding the Shift key, and then clicking on the bottom one.)
  2. Select either Delete or Change Status from the toolbar.
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