How do I create or edit Organizations?

Organizations are similar to contacts, but they can be associated with multiple contact records. Organizations can be any contact that is not an individual. You can easily add or update organization information from within the record. Each organization record also provides access to all of that organization’s interactions with your office. This includes all open and closed correspondence and casework, as well as any contacts, notes, or codes you may have applied.

NOTE: Any records created in a case where the organization is not the primary contact will not display in the organization’s record.

Edit Existing Organizations | Create New Organizations

Existing Organizations

You can access an organization’s record by clicking on the organization’s name wherever it appears.

  1. Across the top, you will see the organization’s name, its primary personal code, and an activity summary. To edit information about the organization such as salutation and personal codes, click the Edit Contact link. To print an overview of the organization’s record, click Snapshot. To delete the organization, click the More link and select the correct option.
  2. On the right side of the record, you will see contact information such as phone number, email, address, and URL. You can easily add any new records by clicking the appropriate Add link. You can edit existing contact information by clicking directly on the information that needs to be updated.
  3. The main area of the screen will display the individual contacts associated with the organization.
  4. If you are looking for a particular type of interaction, use the tabs across the top to filter through the contact feed. Depending upon the type of interaction, you will see different options such as “Send Reply,” “View Sent,” “Resolve/Reopen.” You also have the option of opening that particular interaction by clicking on its ID number.
  5. To create new interactions, click on the New button in the upper right. Here you can create new interactions like new correspondence, casework, and notes. To add a new note, click Note, and type in the free type field. You can also attach documents to your notes. Click Save. The new note will appear at the top of the contact feed.
    NOTE:For information about creating other new interactions, see the Quick Tips “Creating New Correspondence Activities” and “Creating a New Case.”
  6. To associate additional contacts to an organization, click New, and select Contact. Begin by selecting a filter and typing your criteria, select the correct record, and click Apply.
    NOTE: It is NOT necessary to associate a contact to an organization to work with the record. You will still be able to send correspondence to the organization or add the organization to a case. Just ensure your salutation is set properly.

Creating New Organizations

You can create a new organization record by clicking the New button above the left navigation panel and selecting New Organization.

NOTE: Always search for the organization before creating a new record to avoid creating duplicate records. Click Find Organization on the bottom left of the New Organization form to search existing organizations.

  1. If the organization is not already in the system, complete the information about the new organization as completely as possible. Initially only “Organization” and “Salutation” fields appear on the form. To see more fields, click on the links to add more. For instance, if there is a title for the organization contact, select Add Title to see a field appear for you to type in the title.
  2. Your cursor will start in the “Organization Name” field. Fill in the name information, including a department if necessary.
  3. In the “Salutation” field, you can free type a salutation, select a format from the dropdown menu, or select Use Default to automatically fill in the salutation with the office’s agreed upon format.
    NOTE: You can free type a salutation, so if there is a person or a title you would like to direct correspondence to, edit the salutation accordingly.
  4. If you have address, email, or phone information, click Add address, Add email address, or  Add phone number. To enter that information.
    NOTE: The “Street” field has several lines, so if your street information includes more than one line , simply hit your Enter key to move down to the next line as if you were typing this information on an envelope.
  5. You may be prompted to check for duplicates. If you have not already searched for a matching organization, click the Click here link. Then click Save.

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