How do I find or add Gateway eNewsletter contacts?

You can add and edit individual contacts within the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter PLUS with the options Find a Contact and Add a Contact.
NOTE: To add a larger list of contacts, submit your list request to

Finding a Contact

If you need view or edit an existing eNewsletter contact, you’ll first need to find the contact.

  1. Select Contacts from the Top Navigation Menu.
  2. Select the correct “Contact info” from the drop down menu: E-mail, Last Name, Residential Zip, etc.
  3. Select the correct “Operator” from the drop down menu: starts with, ends with, equal, or contains.
  4. Type in the correct “Search Keyword.”
  5. Click Find.
  6. You will see your search results listed below. At the top of the screen, you can add or remove search criteria. Hovering over a contact will display the following actions: Details, Edit, Delete/Undelete and Subscribe/Unsubscribe.
    • Details: This option will allow you to view personal information, list membership, and the contact’s eNewsletter Interaction History. You can add or remove membership lists. There is also a button that will take you to the “Edit Contact” screen from within the “Display Contact Details” screen.
    • Edit Contact: This option will allow you to edit the contact’s personal information. You will see the same screen that you would see if you were adding a new contact. (NOTE: If you choose to edit the e-mail address, keep in mind this creates a new record. While all the contact information and list memberships will be transferred to the new contact, any previous mailing interactions will be tied to the old record.)
    • Subscribe/Unsubscribe: This option will either subscribe or unsubscribe a contact.
    • Delete: This option will delete the contact from the system. You will be asked “Delete this contact?” Click OK.
    • Undelete: Deleted contacts will appear in red. You will only be able to view their details or undelete them. When you click Undelete, the contact will no longer appear in red, and you will be able to edit their details.

Adding a Contact

To add a contact to your list of contacts, first log into the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter PLUS.

  1. Select Contacts from the Top Navigation Menu, then select the Add a Contact from the Left Navigation Menu.
  2. You will see a wide variety of fields that you can complete for each contact. The only field that is required is “E-mail.”
    NOTE: Keep in mind the more complete your records are, the better your search capabilities will be.
  3. Below the empty fields, you will see “List Membership” and “Areas of Interest.” You can select the lists you want the new contact to be added to by clicking the list name. Hold the CTRL key to select multiple lists. Check the “Areas of Interest” check boxes to add the contact to these lists.
  4. When you’re through, click Add.

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