How do I assign and edit a quick letter in the CRM\CSS?

While much of your incoming correspondence can receive a stock reply with a Form letter from your Letter Library, some incoming correspondence will necessitate a unique reply.

Unique replies are referred to as Quick Letters, and they are assigned and edited on the specific constituent’s correspondence rather than in the Letter Library.

Assigning and Editing a Quick Letter

To assign a Quick letter response rather than a Form letter response, follow the steps below:

  1. If your Message Reading Pane is not open, click on the double arrows on the far right to view the incoming message. (Depending upon your user preferences, the message will display on the right or the bottom of your screen.)
  2. Select the Activity to view the incoming message.
  3. To assign and edit a letter, double-click the row or click the Activity ID to open the Activity Details.

NOTE: If you are working with more than one activity and need to assign a Form letter, you will want to use the Assign window. See the Quick Tip “Assigning Form Letters in the Correspondence Viewer.”

  1. In the “OutGoing” section of the window, set the Response to Quick.
  2. If you plan to draft a letter from scratch, then leave the Letter field blank. If you plan to make edits to an existing letter from the Letter Library, then type the correct letter code in the “Letter Field.” (You can also look up the letter by clicking the magnifying glass next to this field.)

NOTE 1: Selecting a letter in this field will not affect your Form letter stored in the Letter Library.
NOTE 2: If you select a letter from the Letter Library that has Fill-in Fields, you will see them display to the right of the screen. Fill in the fields before going to the next step.

  1. After filling out the necessary fields in the Assign window, click the Edit Letter icon in the toolbar.
  2. This will assign the letter to the activity and open Word so that you can edit your letter. When you’re finished editing your document, close Word, and click Yes to save.

Checking In a Quick Letter

Even though you saved the document in Word, you also need to check the document in to the application’s Document Management System. This Document Management System keeps track of every version of every letter you write, and you can access those versions at any time with the Version History icon.

A letter can only be transmitted once it is published and checked in, and it can only be accessed by other staff members if it is checked in.

To check in a Quick letter after editing it, select the Check-in icon on the toolbar.

NOTE: Transmit will also automatically check in your Quick letter if you have “Enable Automatic Check-in” turned on in your User Preferences.

At this point, you can workflow it to another staff member or edit again if necessary.

NOTE: Every time you edit the letter, you will need to check it in again so that every version will be saved.

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