How do I approve a Workflow in Letters?

To approve from Workflowed folder

1. From Letters, click the Workflowed folder in the left navigation.

2. Workflows awaiting your approval will display in the main panel.

3. Click the checkbox to select letter, and then click the Workflow icon or the Workflow button.


4. The Confirmation dialog opens, view task


5. Complete your task.

6. Click the Approve button.


To approve from an email

When a new Workflow is initiated, the staff member responsible for completing the next step will receive an email notification. This notification will contain information about the workflow history and the letter.

1. From your email, open the Workflow Notification email.

NOTE: If you can’t find the email, you can always find your letter by going to the Letters Workflow folder. with Active Workflow.

2. View and view Task Information.

3. In the body of the email, click on the document link.

NOTE: If you are a non CRM user open the attached document.


4. The CRM will open to Letters.

5. Select letter by clicking the checkbox and then click the Edit Letter button to edit document.

NOTE: Your office may use a Microsoft Word feature like “Track Changes” or “Insert Comments.” If so, make sure they are turned on!

6. The letter will open in Microsoft Word and allow you to make changes. Once you finish making your changes, close Word using the X, and click Yes to save your changes.

7. From the right panel, click the orange Update Letter button and then click the blue Save Changes button.

8. Click the Workflow button and then click the Approve button.  Approving moves the workflow forward through the approval process (goes to next step). Add an optional Comment and click Approve.




NOTE: If you wish to send the letter back to the person that sent it to you for major revisions, click the Reject link. You will be able to add comments just as you would if you had approved the workflow. After that person has made his/her changes, the letter will come back to you for revisions a second time.

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